Indicatori sulla Samsung Quick Share si deve sapere

Compartilhe arquivos com se no Private Share Use se no Private Share para os arquivos compartilhados serem exibidos apenas voto negativo aparelho do destinatário e acessíveis apenas até a data de validade.

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Share files through Private sharing Use Private sharing to ensure that the shared files are shown only on the recipient’s device and accessible only within the expiration date. First, make sure to turn on Private sharing option before you choose the device or contact to share with.4

The most notable feature of Private Share is that users can control the recipient’s access permission and the file’s expiration date.

O link expirará após dois dias. Oppure aparelho do remetente deve ter uma conta Samsung e os aparelhos do remetente e do receptor devem estar conectados à Internet.


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Če želite datoteke prejemati od naprav v bližini, Multa biti zaslon vaše naprave vklopljen, nastavitve "Kdo lahko deli z vami“ v funkciji Quick Share pa morajo biti nastavljene na bodisi “Samo kontakti” ali “Kdorkoli v bližini.

There is a size limitation of 3GB Attraverso file and 5GB In day that can be transferred. With Private sharing, you can transfer up to 20 files and 200MB of patronato at a time.

Set the expiration date The default expiration is set for 2 days, after which the recipient cannot open the shared file. You can set the expiration date to a maximum of 7 days.

Have you ever looked at a photo you sent to a friend only to notice that the version in the messaging app looks worse than the one Per mezzo di your gallery? Many messaging apps compress images to save patronato, and while that's aggraziato most of the time, it can be annoying for special moments that are worth an extra megabyte or two.

Come che succede è le altre informazioni quali purchessia telefono tra marca le quali fa uso intorno a questa tecnologia consente la connessione tra un solingo dispositivo tramite Quick Share.

Samsung Quick Share is a proprietary file transfer tool that does exactly what it says — it’s the fastest way to share large files such as photos, videos, and documents between Galaxy devices.

Whether you want to edit your photos on a larger screen or organize your digital folders, it's easy to transfer your files straight to your PC.

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